Gerald’s Discography

Negative Things


This is one I’d like to get to Brandon Straka too (for obvious reasons)

Keep America Great

This is one that imparts American history and, hopefully, inspires people to look up George Whitfield  Nobody knows who he is but he was basically the leader of the Black Robe Regiment, a group of preachers who really started the talk of breaking free from England. All our best movements (abolition, civil rights etc) started from the pulpit and I’d like that to not be lost on future generations. It’s also a jab at Colin Kaepernick


cuz the last line of the last pre-chorus is: we stand to honor their sacrifice! This one also uses a recording of Trump but edited by my friend David Leonard. He substituted him saying “Keep” in the lines where he’s really saying “Make” America whatever. I break away from my bluesy style (where I usually stay) but I really like the rally feel of this one!

It’s my “Build That Wall” song that I probably shoulda tried to get out there 3yrs ago when it was a more prominent chant at Trump rallies.

Job One

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